Plan for Disruptive Innovation


6 thoughts on “Plan for Disruptive Innovation

  1. Lori Fuller says:

    Great job Jessica. I can see that you have put a lot of thought behind what you are proposing for change. You used a perfect color scheme…that is the kind of thing I look at, only because I am the ADHD kid that get distracted by too much stimulus. On some of the slides, they seemed to go a bit too fast for me to read. I am not sure if that is because I am still fighting health issues and am just a bit slow on the uptake or not.

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  2. Curtis says:

    Reply #2
    Hi! This is Curtis White.

    I do like the format of your presentation, although I agree with Lori that the timing was too fast. You might be able to break your slides apart a bit more to increase font size and consumption time.

    I also really like your focus on training. I think it’s really important that you included November’s thoughts about keeping technology from being the focus. It really is about improving student learning. And we all need to be trained how to shift our techniques and thinking towards more student-centered models. PD is crucial!

    I wonder if adding some other components would round out your proposal: vision and feedback. Does your school have a unified vision for change? Do they all agree change is needed? This could be a crucial aspect of change. And how will you know if your changes are effective and adding value? Perhaps you could add some additional town-hall meetings to cast vision and allow for feedback. Or maybe electronic surveys would work too.

    Nice work putting the presentation together. What tool did you use to do this? (I’m curious because it does look quite nice and I might like to use it!)

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    • jessicabentz says:

      Thank you for the feedback! I used PowerPoint, saved the slides as JPEGs, and then uploaded them into a picture slideshow on WordPress. I am going to just insert the pictures. That should help with the size and allow time for viewers to read all the information.


  3. mrjonfarmer says:

    I really enjoyed your presentation style. I also like the steps you will take to train, train administration first, then train the teachers, finally the students. I completely agree with you training the administration and getting them on board is vital because as you said they will be the ones that will model and support their staff. Great Job!

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  4. tmwillis80 says:

    Partner Review: I really like the color scheme too. Darn that ADHD. I like how you addressed the three different groups of people that need to be trained in this process. I feel it is important not to forget that the students need to be trained too. So often they are left out. I wonder if you could put out a survey to parents to support your idea for the need for this in your school?


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