1:1 Mobile Learning at Fannin


4 thoughts on “1:1 Mobile Learning at Fannin

  1. Lori Fuller says:

    We have gone to a 1:1 initiative and the results are amazing for the kids. I have found myself facilitating more this year than any other year I have taught. The things the kids are coming up with and creating are so interesting and incredible to watch. I have 5th graders, but their imaginations are limitless and with the 1:1, they are not stifled by paper, pencil, and the fact that they cannot draw. Great call to action video Jessica!

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  2. Bonnie Cobb says:

    Jessica, I like that your video can be a call to action to various audiences, especially with the written plan in hand. My youngest son’s school went with iPads his senior year, and the saved cost from printed textbooks was supposed to have been what paid for the hardware and eTextbooks and apps, but only in the long run. That was three years ago. I’m curious to know how that worked out. I know it was more expensive the first year because of the initial hardware purchases for the entire student body and faculty. Hope you’re able to make it work for Fannin!

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