Final Thoughts on 1:1 Mobile Technology

The 1:1 mobile technology initiative presented in my blog has been eye-opening research experience.  The ability of a disruptive innovation to change the entire way an organization like a school is completely fascinating.  One of the most interesting examples was the mobile initiative at Abilene Christian University.  The use of iPhones, iPod touches, and now iPads has changed the way students obtain information, interact with classmates and professors, create assignments, and even find their way to class!  My hope with a 1:1 mobile initiative with 3rd, 4th, and 5th graders at Fannin is that a change such as this will occur and change learning for the better.  Having the ability to start at a younger age where a child’s imagination is at its peak will give a number of opportunities for students’ true talents to shine.

A quick overview of the plan at Fannin will involve parent thoughts/opinions and support as well as the input and support of the teachers at Fannin.  The next three steps involve decision making: the choice between laptops and tablets/iPads, whether to lease the devices or purchase, and applying for grants to help with the cost.  The last step before implementation of the devices would be training and staff support.

I have identified a list of books, articles, and resources to help myself and my school understand change, disruptive innovation, and educational technology.  The amount of information on the internet on any topic is mind-blowing!  This should help narrow down where to look.  I found the information in the yearly Horizon reports to be interesting as to what kinds of technologies are coming out and when they are expected to make a difference in K-12 education.  A few books I found to be intriguing and have added to my Amazon wish list are “Technology and Critical Literacy in Early Childhood” by Vivian Maria Vasquez and Carol Branigan Felderman, “Curriculum 21” by Heidi Hayes Jacobs, “21st Century Skills: Rethinking How Students Learn” by James Bellanca and Rob Brandt, and of course, “Out of Our Minds” by Sir Ken Robinson.  Additional resources include PLNs and my colleagues.

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