Vital Behaviors and the 6 Sources of Influence

Students need opportunities to be creative, authentic, and published in the 21st century learning atmosphere.  I discussed this concept in the last blog post titled “Why do elementary students need 1:1?”

How do we get there?  I recently read and thoroughly enjoyed a book called “Influencer: The New Science of Leading Change.”  There are a set of particular behaviors that must be set in place for a change to be made at our school.  The first element that must be set up is a vital behavior which is a deliberate action that is linked to the results that you want.  You can set as few as 1, but try to not do more than 4.  2 or 3 is a good goal to aim for.  Setting too many vital behaviors can take away from the goal at hand.

After you set your vital behaviors, you look at how the 6 sources of influence can help you achieve the vital behaviors.  The influencer model is divided into motivation and ability, and then further by personal, social, and structural aspects.

I believe we can use this model at Fannin to make a real change with mobile technology.  I have set our vital behaviors and broken down the 6 sources of influence.

(Click on the images to make them larger!)




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