Finishing Up

Designing a course is serious work.  This week 1/2 of my course for 4th grade students over PowerPoint has been uploaded to Schoology.  The 6-week course is broken down weekly by topic.

Week 1        Copyright, Fair Use, & Reliable Sources

  • Videos: A Fair(y) Use Tale & How to Know If a Source is Reliable
  • Readings: What is Copyright?, Copyright Definitions, & The Copyright Hub
  • Interactive: Cyberbee Q & A
  • Quiz

Week 2      Gathering Information

  • Videos: How Search Engines Work & Citations for Beginners
  • Document: Week 2 Assignment 1
  • Assignment: Information Citations

Week 3      Gathering Pictures

  • Video: Saving Images from Google Chrome
  • Document: Week 3 Assignment 2
  • Assignment: Picture Citations

Week 4      Introduction to PowerPoint

  • Videos: Getting Started with PowerPoint, Creating and Opening Presentations, Slide Basics, Text Basics, & Saving Presentations
  • Document: Week 4 Assignment 3
  • Assignment: Show What You Know Slide (open prepared PowerPoint slide and change text on slide, save, and upload)

Week 5      Spicing Up Your PowerPoint

  • Videos: Applying Themes, Inserting Pictures, Formatting Pictures, Applying Transitions, & Animating Text and Objects
  • Document: Week 5 Assignment 4
  • Assignment: Show What You Know Slide (open prepared PowerPoint slide and insert picture, animate the picture, and apply a slide transition)

Week 6      Pulling It All Together

  • Video: Presenting Your Slide Show
  • Assignment: Final Project (Week 6 Assignment 5)

As, you can see, I’ve done a little rearranging from last week’s post.  If there is one thing I’ve learned from this class, it’s to be flexible and constantly update.  An online course won’t be successful if you don’t!  The last 1/2 of the course will consist of videos, articles, and assignments geared towards students creating their own PowerPoint with research they have done by themselves during the first half of the course.

If you are interested in my course, visit and use this access code: 4X6DJ-75HBB.



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