Measuring a 1:1 Initiative

Can technology integration be successful with the use of iPads in a 1:1 elementary classroom setting?  How would you know if the initiative was a success or a failure?  By measurement of course, but not the kind you are thinking of.  Initially when I thought of measurement, my mind was taken back to school when we would use rulers, scales, thermometers, etc.  Douglas Hubbard, author of “How to Measure Anything,” states that measurement is “the reduction of uncertainty based on one or more observations” (Hubbard, 2014).  So in reality, measurement is testing, surveying, gathering feedback, and learning a little bit more about something so that you can better answer your question or solve a problem.

The presentation below is a sample using tips from Hubbard’s book of how I would measure a 1:1 iPad initiative on my campus.

Hubbard, Douglas W. (2014). How to Measure Anything: Finding the Value of “Intangibles” in Business. Kindle version. Retrieved from